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Finally, an easy way to build recurring income without EVER selling ANYTHING!  Watch this Video Now!

It is time you got paid RECURRING Income!


In the 2017 I've managed to generate $134,280 in sales.  And I know there are many people who would like to replicate my results but they are stuck in teh information overload and chasing shiny objects.

It is time to put a stop to that. That is why, inside of Ivana's Club, I am showing total newbies how to make this same income following my steps. 

Training is designed in 8 phases. It shows a total newbie how to get started with affiliate marketing and list building. There are multiple methods explained in detailed on how to drive the right traffic to your optin pages and convert those leads into sales.  Paid and free methods included. 

Each of these I personally use in my own business. Plus we have DFY included as well. 

Coaching club comes with group coaching on weekly basis. Keep in mind, this program will help beginner as well as advanced markater get results. 



Front end - Free 30 Day Follow Up!

Ivana's 6 Figure Coaching Club

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50% Commission/per month

Ivana's 6 Figure Coaching Club - DS

$7 Trial to $37/month

50% Commission/per month

Affiliate Tools!

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  • This product solves ONE of the biggest problem in the industry - Stops people from buying SHINY OBJECTS!
  • Your customers will get weekly coach for less than $10 per week (people actually charge 5K/month to teach this to others)
  • We are going to retarget all visitors for months to come. 
  • LIFETIME cookie
  • 30 day follow up series to get them on board!

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